The Argoshield range is non-corrosive provided moisture is absent and is compatible with any common metal provided the equipment is designed to withstand the process pressure of a compressed gas cylinder.

In general it is not recommended that Argoshield mixtures are used in conjunction with Flux Cored Wires. This is because many of the formulations are particularly sensitive to the oxygen contained within the Argoshield mixtures. If the Argoshield mixtures must be used, it is recommended that tests are carried out to determine whether any problems occur and the correct procedure to follow is understood.

Applications and uses

  • Specially formulated for MIG welding sheet and thin sections of mild steel less than 4mm thick
  • Can be used on mild steel sections thicker than 4mm but care must be taken to ensure the weld integrity is not compromised
  • Ideal for duct and sheet-metal engineering industries
  • A suitable gas in automotive component manufacturing and vehicle repair as it provides dip transfer in all positions with solid wire
  • The oxidising potential of this mixture has a tendency to produce welds with a black surface film. In many stainless steel applications, this type of surface finish would be considered unacceptable and removal of the surface film would be required. Cleaning away this residue can be both time-consuming and costly. Due to this, other products such as the BOC Stainshield range of gases would be recommended