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With the booming economic situation in the country, the cconstruction and Iindustrial Sector shows an unlimited potential in demand for the inputs of the industry. The products of Industrial gases are an essential supporting product of a number of construction and other industrial manufacturing companies.

The demand for industrial gases are estimated to have increased by  20% annually. Marine companies, Steel Mmanufacturers, Trailers, Metal fabricateors, Welders, Sri Lanka Ssecurity Forces and Sri Lanka Railways are major users of Industrial gases in the country.

Presently, there are only few major manufacturers of Industrial Gases in Sri Lanka. The market leader Ceylon oxygen Ltd. ccommenced its operation as far back as 1960’s while Industrial Gases Ltd was established in 1994 together with Ovin Gases holding between the second and third positions of the market competing with other manufacturers.

As all these companies including Ovin Gases are yet to fulfill the country’s requirement of Industrial Gases. Therefore, the growth  opportunity is far beyond that of anywhere else in the industry.

Further, Directors and Senior Management Team’s knowledge and their credibility in the industry, along with thier contacts with several large customers, will be beneficial to the company to market high quality industrial gases which confirm to the required chemical standards.

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