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Ovin Gases (Pvt) Ltd is a Private Limited Liability Company and acts as an independent Manufacturer and Distributor of all type of Industrial Gases and other special gases. The Company was incorporated and commenced operations over 15 years ago. During this period, the company has maintained a reputation in introducing the latest technological advancements and acting as a System Integrator. We are steadily growing from strength to strength in a diversified field of Industrial Gases in Sri Lanka.

We at Ovin Gases, maintain a mutually beneficial business relationship with reputed organizations of the private and public sector in Sri Lanka as regards all kind of Industrial Gas related solutions. Specialized and customized services are offered to all our clients as well as meeting their requirements and keeping abreast with the industrial norms and standards.

Our “Customer Oriented” team is specifically trained in all technical aspects as well as Customer Orientation, keeping with the industry.

Our Stakeholders “are reputed professionals in the industry and serve on the Director Board and the Managerial Team. They are reliable and experienced staff and are the most valuable customers whilst our reputed bankers add value and strength.

Our Values


Our customer is the final judge of our quality. His or her verdict on our product or service or solution is final.


Our quality goal always is “First Time Right” and “Zero Defects” – it’s a well-known fact in the industry that the OVIN products are high quality.


Each of the “OVIN” team members contribute towards achieving our goals. It is, therefore, our collective responsibility from a trainee to Board of Directors to ensure that we maintain the highest standards of work


We want to strive to provide our customers with the best service


We are committed to deal with inquiries and complaints promptly and thoroughly and to effect deliveries punctually


Anyone of our team members who identifies a problem which may affect the quality of our service, products or solutions will strive to advice the core-team members to take corrective actions.


We strive not only to prevent faults but also to eliminate their causes


To be the leading, most unique, versatile and customer-oriented Producer and Distributor and acting as a Systems Integrator in a diversified field of Industrial Gases in Sri Lanka. To be a professionally experienced Company lead by Industry veterans and committed with a strong vision.


To strive for excellence by delighting customers, by providing quality and innovative products, services and solutions, which are a higher level of efficiency and effectiveness, whilst maintaining a competitive edge and ensuring acceptable returns to the stake holders and being socially responsible to the society and being the leading Gas Manufacturer.

Market Share

With the booming economic situation in the country, the construction and Industrial Sector shows an unlimited potential in demand for the inputs of the industry. The products of industrial gases are an essential supporting product of a number of construction and other industrial manufacturing companies.

The demand for industrial gases is estimated to have increased by 20% annually. Marine companies, Steel Manufacturers, Trailers, Metal fabricators, Welders, Sri Lanka Security Forces and Sri Lanka Railways are major users of industrial gases in the country.

Presently, there are only few major manufacturers of Industrial Gases in Sri Lanka. The market leader Ceylon oxygen Ltd. commenced its operation as far back as 1960’s while Industrial Gases Ltd was established in 1994 together with Ovin Gases holding between the second and third positions of the market competing with other manufacturers.

As all these companies including Ovin Gases are yet to fulfil the country’s requirement of Industrial Gases. Therefore, the growth opportunity is far beyond that of anywhere else in the industry.

Further, Directors and Senior Management Team’s knowledge and their credibility in the industry, along with their contacts with several large customers, will be beneficial to the company to market high-quality industrial gases which conform to the required chemical standards.

Our Directors

Directors also have good trading and business contacts and enjoy a sound reputation in the business circle. They are of considerable means and financial resources and are fully capable of contributing to the benefits and development of these new projects. Further, all the directors are capable of discharging their duties to carry out the responsibilities of managing the company.

Mr. Amal Ekanayke

He is the Founder and Main shareholder/Managing Director of Ovin Gases (Pvt) Ltd. and the driving force behind the company’s rapid and successful expansion.

The Chairman of Rikota Holdings (Pvt) Ltd which is a fast-growing company and leading as Manufacturing of Roofing, Gutters and Roofing Fabrications etc. And also he has been a Director of Nippon Lanka Corporation in Nagoya, Japan for 30 years in his career which also well-known Japanese Car exporting company and now he is running his own company which is AMW Auto Co. Ltd in Nagoya, Japan.

Mr. Lalith Ekanayke

Appointed to the Board of Ovin Gases (Pvt) Ltd in 1998.

Mr. Lalith Ekanayake is the retired Lt. Colonel of Sri Lanka Army and holds Electrical Engineering Degree at the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. And also, he is a Director of Auto Collection Lanka (Pvt) Ltd and Smith Clan (Pvt) Ltd well-known vehicle importers in Sri Lanka. And also, he appointed as a Director for Hotel Oasis (Pvt) Ltd. Further, He is running in his own company LCW Holdings (Pvt) Ltd a well-known company on supplying special equipment to Ministry of Defense, Sri Lanka Army, Sri Lanka Navy, SL Air Force and Sri Lanka Police too. In that, he is being represented fifteen recognize foreign companies.

Our Management Team

Our management team consists of top caliber experienced professionals who have given functional responsibilities towards the achievement of company goals. The team will ensure that the company operations are carried out a timely, systematic and seamless manner. The senior management of OGPL is listed below
Ovin Gases (Pvt) Ltd is a Private Limited Liability Company and acts as an independent Manufacturer and Distributor of all type of Industrial Gases and other special gases.
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